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Despite having an arid climate and relatively light annual rainfall, the Los Angeles basin can, and has been subject to devastating floods which have resulted in significant property damage as well as loss of life. Such damage is intensified by debris flows resulting from the destruction of the watershed by major brush fires.

During floods, the prime responsibility of your Department of Public Works is the control of flood waters in neighborhoods throughout the city. and preventive measures can be taken by residents to minimize the threat of flood damage, but there is no guarantee that damage or injury will not occur.

Information is available on this web site as well as on the governmental links provided. Information on Flood insurance under the National Flood Insurance Program is available throughout the Los Angeles County unincorporated areas and in most cities within LA County. Flood insurance FAQs are here. To determine if your property is within a Federally-designated flood hazard area, you can contact (213) 847-5210 (if you live within the City of Los Angeles) or the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works at (626) 485-4321.

If you have concerns that flooding may cause damage to your home, we strongly recommend that you contact your insurance broker regarding flood insurance. If your broker is unfamiliar with flood insurance, they can obtain information by contacting the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) at the following toll free number: 1(800) 638-6620.

For determining if your City of Los Angeles property is within a flood plain, visit the City’s interactive map. (NOTE: You must have the browser(s) Netscape 4.0 or above, or Mozilla 1.0. Microsoft Explorer WILL NOT WORK for this site).

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Or contact the LA County Public Works Department for a free copy.