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Welcome to the Stormwater Program web site! The City’s award-winning Stormwater Program is committed to protecting the beneficial uses of our receiving waters through four key areas: Public Education and Outreach; Engineering; Enforcement and Inspection; and Science and Monitoring.

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Urban Watershed Summit II to be Held on July 20, 2006

Heal the Bay will be co-hosting Urban Watershed Summit II on Thursday, July 20th, 2006 and which is designed to bring together City Managers and Engineers, Planning Directors, City Council Members, Public Works Directors and anyone interested in the health and management of their local waters, to support current and future efforts to clean, restore and revitalize all of our local watersheds. [more]

Stormwater Program Graphic Designer Receives Council Award

The Los Angeles AdHoc River Committee Chair Ed Reyes, Council District 1, presented an award to Los Angeles’ Stormwater Program’s Oscar Amaro on June 9, 2006 in council chambers for his work in "creating a visual representation of our City’s hope for the River." [more]

New Los Angeles River "The Future is Now" Poster

The Stormwater Program Graphics Support has completed the illustration of an outreach poster depicting the possible beneficial uses of a restored Los Angeles River. To receive a copy of this 18”x24” full-color poster, please call (800) 974-9794 and press ”Option 3”, or send an email to Stormwater Public Education. [more]

Bureau of Sanitation’s EMD "Santa Monica Bay Status Report"

The City’s Environmental Monitoring Division has made available the findings of their 2004 Status Report of Santa Monica Bay. [more]

Wet Weather Preparation Information for Los Angeles Residents

A spring stormfront is expected to move into Southern California and residents are urged to take precautions to protect both life and property. A warning to stay away from swollen flood control channels is also strongly advised as Los Angeles’ flood control systems can become raging rivers during heavy rains [more]

Clean Community Celebration in MacArthur Park; Saturday March 25th

Ed Reyes, Council District 1 invites you to a Clean Community Celebration featuring live music, picnics and an Environmental Service Fair! Download the flyer here.

The Discovery Channel’s "Dirty Jobs" to Feature the City’s Bureau of Sanitation

A film crew from the hit cable series Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe recently went along with a Bureau of Sanitation crew to clean out one of Los Angeles’ filthiest catch basins [more]

"All the Way to the Ocean" — a Children’s Storybook on Storm Drain Pollution is Released

Featuring richly-illustrated pages throughout, this recently published book by author Joel Harper tells the story about two friends discovering of the harmful effects of ocean pollution. This story deals specifically with storm drain run-off that travels directly into our natural bodies of water [more]

Wetlands Project Grand Opening Celebration; Saturday Feb. 4, 2006

Please join Councilwoman Jan Perry, Ninth District, in a grand opening celebration of a new wetlands project at the Augustus F. Hawkins Nature Park in South Central Los Angeles [more]

Integrated Regional Water Management Strategic Plan (IRWMP) Workshop

The first Greater Los Angeles County Region Workshop regarding the Integrated Regional Water Management Strategic Plan (IRWMP) is scheduled for February 1, 2006, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Metropolitan Water District (MWD) Boardroom. For additional information, call (626) 458-5947 or download:

Stormwater Program Inspectors Featured in National Magazine

The Watershed Protection Division’s Enforcement & Inspection Unit were highlighted in the trade publication, Stormwater Magazine, which chronicled their duties in a typical day [more]

Stormwater Education Program Wins 2005 APWA Award

The Stormwater Education Program received a Diversity Exemplary Practices Award by the American Public Works Association (APWA) [more]

City Officials Announce Los Angeles River Revitalization Plans

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa joined other City officials announcing proposed plans for the revitalization of the Los Angeles River. [more]

Stormwater Program Participation at the Plastics Debris Conference

Program staff were on hand at the Plastics Debris Conference held September 12th in Redondo Beach [more]

Dedication of New Dog Park in the Arroyo Seco

Responding to dog owner’s for a play area and place to walk their pets, the City of Los Angeles’ Bureau of Engineering completed construction of the Hermon Dog Park in the Arroyo Seco. Staff from the Stormwater Education Program were there providing tips on keeping a healthy pet and environment [more]

Ocean Day 2005

Mayor-Elect Antonio Villaraigosa joined over 4,200 kids from 48 elementary schools in helping clean up Dockweiler State Beach on May 20th [more]

Los Angeles River Campaign Launch

City officials, 20 community LA River organizations, and friends publicly acknowledged the forgotten landmark — and launch a public education campaign on the Los Angeles River [more]

Integrated Regional Watershed Management Plans (IRWMPs)

IRWMP drafts were prepared pursuant to Proposition 50, Chapter 8: Ballona Creek, Dominguez Channel, Los Angeles River, and Santa Monica Bay watersheds [more]

Stormwater Used Oil Recycling Education Program Wins Latino Marketing Award

The Used Oil Recycling Education Program was awarded "Best Community Relations Campaign" by the Latino Marketing Awards for "the best and brightest in advertising, marketing, and public relations campaigns that target Latinos" for its Highland Park Community Mural Project [more]

Development BMP Handbook: Part A; Construction Activities- 3rd Edition

The latest revision of the Construction Actvities Handbook that provides general guidance for selecting and implementing BMPs to prevent the discharge of pollutants from construction sites to receiving bodies of water [more]

City of Los Angeles Channel 35 "CityText" to air Stormwater Public Information

The city’s cable channel has partnered with the Stormwater program in airing public information spots educating residents about stormwater pollution [more]

Stormwater Program Manager Receives LARWQB Award

Shahram Kharaghani, Program Manager for the City of Los Angeles Stormwater Program, received the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Board’s Water Quality Leadership Award.


CIWMB and City of LA Stormwater Program Sponsors "Used Oil Recycling Mural"

In a joint effort between the California Integrated Management Board and the Stormwater/Used Oil Recycling Program, an 80-foot mural has been completed in Highland Park underscoring the importance of recycling used motor oil [more]

Development BMP Handbook Part B; Planning Activities; 3rd Edition

This newly revised handbook describes the requirements for development planning projects with regard to stormwater pollution control based on the project’s potential impacts to [stormwater] water quality and the actions needed to comply with the requirements of the NPDES Permit [more]

Installation of Trash Capture Baskets on Storm Drain Outlets

The Watershed Protection Division installed screens on five storm drain outlets along the Los Angeles River and two along the Ballona Creek. These devices prevent trash from entering the River and Creek [more]

L.A. City Council initiates smoking ban on L.A. beaches

The Los Angeles City Council voted to prohibit smoking in City parks consisting of beaches and to prohibit the disposal of tobacco products except in approved containers in City parks consisting of beaches [more]

Used Oil Public Education Program Wins Cal-EPA Togetherness Award

Staff from the Stormwater Program, as well as from the City’s Solid Resources Program, received awards from the California Integrated Waste Management Board [more]

Trash Removal Devices to be Installed in South Central Los Angeles

Two trash removal devices will be installed onto an existing storm drain system in South Los Angeles that will capture trash and larger sediment particles from urban runoff. One of the devices will be placed on 36th Street just east of 10th Avenue and the other on 30th Street just east of Dalton Avenue.

The treatment device, called a PJ Hannah Netting System, is an engineered stormwater treatment unit that removes trash from storm runoff. Trash is captured from incoming runoff within a series of cylindrical shaped nets and can be easily removed and disposed of before entering Santa Monica Bay.

Dispose Your Chemicals, Leftover Paint, and Used Motor Oil the Right Way!

S.A.F.E. Collection Centers are now ready to accept City of Los Angeles resident’s household "Special Materials." Find out where the one nearest you is located!

Los Angeles River Aerial Maps

Using aerial photography, the Los Angeles River has been mapped in a 16-page document showing sections of the river that are lined (concrete walled) or unlined (natural river bottom) [more]

Seeking Streams; Creeks and Riverbeds Once Traversed Los Angeles

Did you know that prior to the urbanization and paving over of Los Angeles, ancient creeks and streams crisscrossed the Los Angeles area? Some of these may still be in existence and can be found trickling behind private properties or buried underground.

In a study funded by the City’s Stormwater Program, five Cal Poly Pomona students set out to find them [more]

The Grease Avenger Needs YOUR Help!

The City of Los Angeles has enlisted the help of "The Grease Avenger" in asking residents to help prevent sewage spills and environmental pollution by reducing or eliminating the amount of grease poured down kitchen sinks [more]