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On March 18, 2004, the Marina del Harbor (MdRH) Bacteria TMDL became effective for the Marina del Rey Harbor area including the Back Basins and MotherÕs Beach during dry and wet weather. The TMDL established numeric targets for the back basins (Basins D, E and F) and MotherÕs beach located in Marina del Rey. These areas were listed on the StateÕs 2002 303(d) list as impaired due to bacteria. This TMDL has been divided into dry weather and wet weather, with each having their own compliance dates, requirements, and limits.

The intent of the MdRH Bacteria TMDL is to reduce bacterial levels in the Back Basins and MotherÕs Beach to no more than zero (0) days of exceedences during the dry season, and three (3) days during the wet season. The City of Los Angeles has been working closely with Los Angeles County, who has been named the lead agency, to meet the TMDL requirements.

To meet the July 30, 2005 deadline of developing and submitting an implementation plan (ÒI-PlanÓ) to the LARWQCB, the County of Los Angeles, along with the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors, Culver City, and Caltrans are planning to retain a consultant to aid in development of an implementation plan. This implementation plan will also consider an Integrated Water Resource approach, which would allow up to ten (10) years for compliance.

In order to comply with the dry weather requirements, the County and City of Los Angeles have been investigating potential low flow diversions to divert dry weather flow to Hyperion to meet the dry weather limits. The County and CityÕs approach to meet wet weather requirements are being considered at this time and include increase circulation, water infusion, and structural BMPs.

Another requirement of this TMDL is to submit to the LARWQCB for approval a Coordinated Monitoring Plan (CMP) within 120 days of the effective date for both dry- and wet-weather. The City and County of Los Angeles are currently leading the effort working with other agencies in the Harbor and LARWQCB, Heal the Bay, and Santa Monica BayKeeper to meet the deadline for completion of the CMP.

Satellite view of Marina Del Rey and adjacent Ballona Creek Channel.