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The Public Education Section provides a key component to the Stormwater Program by creating a heightened awareness among Los Angeles area residents about the storm drain system in Los Angeles and the negative impact storm drain pollution has on a neighborhood level and in resident’s quality of life.

Outreach efforts have been grouped into four major areas: General Outreach, School Education, Business, and Employee Training as well as overseeing the City’s Used Oil Recycling public outreach efforts. Working with the County of Los Angeles, the City provides residents with simple solutions which help change behaviors that unintentionally pollute storm drains.

The Graphics Support "duo" have developed a cost-effective program by illustrating, designing and producing all materials in-house that inform the general public of the importance of keeping stormwater free of pollutants. Materials developed and produced by this "section" have been very well-received by the public as well as from across the United States with over 52 agencies nationwide requesting permission to use or re-print materials. Staff have also received over 20 personal awards.

They are also responsible for the design, creation and maintenance of this web site in addtion to producing SPLASH, a free quarterly newsletter containing information on the activities of the Stormwater Program for City Departments, environmental stakeholders and concerned citizens. Please note that due to staffing shortages, publication of Splash has been discontinued until further notice.

The Graphics Support Section is often called upon to design materials for other City departments in addition to council offices, the City Attorney’s Office, and other inter-departmental bureaus and divisions.

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