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In addition to winning several awards, the City of Los Angeles’ Stormwater Program has received many positive comments and feedback from agencies, school children, and citizens from all across the United States. Over 52 agencies nationwide have requested permission to use the City of Los Angeles’ Stormwater Program materials in their own NPDES education efforts.

They include:

United States Department of Commerce (NOAA) Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary City of Atlanta, GA
County of Monterey, CA City of Long Beach, CA
Department of the Environment, Wayne County, MI County of Orange, CA
Sewerage and Water Board, New Orleans, LA City of Glendale, CA
Department of Environmental Management, Fort Worth, TX City of Laguna Beach, CA
City of Hartford, Connecticut Metropolitan District City of Malibu, CA
California Integrated Waste Management Board City of San Dimas, CA
Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, Detroit, MI City of San Diego, CA
Clinton River Watershed Council, Rochester Hills, Michigan County of San Diego, CA
Los Angeles County Department of Public Works City of Calabasas, CA
Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board City of Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara County Flood Countrol & Water Conservation District City of Folsom, CA
U.S. Air Force Base (City of Los Angeles) City of Oxnard, CA
U.S. Air Force Base (San Diego) City of Thousand Oaks, CA
City of Huntington Beach City of Torrance, CA
City of Corona, CA County of Ventura, CA
City of Reno, NV City of Las Vegas, NV
"I have spent months reviewing urban runoff brochures, pamphlets, flyers, and posters put out by California cities and found the materials developed by your [Watershed Management] Division to be some of the best information developed both graphically and in content…the City of Los Angeles should be proud of the quality educational materials put out by staff…and make every effort to support this program."

—M. S
Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

"Thank you for the stormwater information materials. They are great! I’ve already distributed the materials to three schools and one barber shop. Everyone loves the materials and finds them informative and useful. We need to do everything we can to protect the environment of our city and our ocean. Keep up the good work!"

—Honorable Judge Harry Pregerson
United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

"..Your work is wonderful. We have the (storm drain) poster up in our office. I appreciate your helping hand in preserving the health of our oceans for future generations."

—Jean-Michel Cousteau

"..Your agency has done some fantastic stuff. It is obvious that you are really trying to reach the target audience and stop stormwater pollution; keep up the good work."

—C. L.
California Integrated Waste Management Board
Used Oil Recycling Program

"The [Watershed] Management brochures (great design work, by the way) posters, magnets and stickers are an integral part of the message we’re trying to spread…."

—M. W.
Friends of the Los Angeles River (FoLAR)

"We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to the City of Los Angeles’ [Watershed] Management Division for their committment to share resources, materials and information with county-wide cities…the artwork is exceptional and the message is direct. We plan on utilizing the City of Los Angeles’ successful campaign in a variety of ways throughout the City of Long Beach."

—E. P.
City Engineer, City of Long Beach Department of Public Works

"We have been using your materials to accompany our recycling presentations at elementary schools. The response from our corpsmembers was that the posters and dry-erase boards were a hit with the children. Thank you again for your support."

—J. K.
Environmental Studies Instructor, Los Angeles Conservation Corps

"Everyone went nuts over your poster…it’s become an epidemic! I gave out the extras you sent me and it started a stampede for more! …great stuff! The Make the Connection poster is fabulous. I plan to have it framed in my office. When I shared your materials with other stormwater staff, everyone drooled over the graphics and concepts; very nice."

—M. W. M.
City of Eugene, Oregon Public Works

"I have received hundreds of calls regarding the City of Los Angeles poster after being published in our magazine.
People really love it! Good luck and let me know if there’s anything else I can do."

—J. P., Senior Public Affairs Representative
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

"The stuff is really nice…first class! I’ve shared them with a bunch of people. This really does "make the connection" for everybody. Even though you have a small staff, you guys produce a lot of good work! Thanks!"

—R. S.
Proem Medical Planning Network of Santa Monica

"The [stormwater presentation] was wonderful–the children really enjoyed it! They learned a lot."

—C. Tokeshi, teacher
135th Street Elementary School, Los Angeles

"I extend my thanks for the wonderful education materials…We have an opportunity to use many of the types of media and find your graphics consistently catch people’s attention and engage them in learning more about the marine environment. Without your materials and support, we would not be able to be as effective in providing this essential education."

—Steve Vogel, Education Curator
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and Museum, San Pedro, CA

"The poster/graphics that was created for your Stormwater Program, which encourages the recycling of used motor oil, is bound to be a classic, if not a masterpiece. In fact, we love it so much; we would like to borrow the graphics."

—S. K.,
Hazardous Materials Program, County of Orange Health Care Agency

"…excellent storm water materials! The work and design [is] outstanding and my program director and myself were quite impressed…congratulations on a job well done!"

—T. T.
Santa Monica BayKeeper

"….I can not close this letter without complimenting you on the extremely high quality of your materials! I have seen many stormwater education brochures, etc. and I was in awe looking at your on your website! People in my office had to come and see why "Oh, wow! kept coming from my desk! Your information is timely, visually appealing, and (most importantly) easy to understand. Kudos, again, on a job well done–keep up the good work!"

—M. Larson, Community Education Coordinator
Clinton River Watershed Council, Rochester Hills, MI

“It gives me a broader view of how the storm drain system really works.”

“Informative, Educational”

“Very detailed and informative.”

“I am looking it up for reference in projects for other cities.
I like the detail shown on the dry flow diversion structures you have shown.”

“Eye opening on pollution issues regarding road run-off.”

“Very professional, a great service to the community…

"Great example program! Would be nice if all could do as well.
Tons of information for the layman and the expert.

"…it’s an amazing amount of information presented here.
Your graphic designers are talented and do a great job of presenting all that data."


"Broad scope of information, with examples of how the program may be implemented.
The website is straightforward and easy to browse."

“A lot information given on many topics”

“The inspectors who respond to homeowners complaints. My experience is that they are prompt and well informed. We liked the pamphlets and posters they gave us when responding to our complaint.”

“I like the education resources available on your site as well as the SUSMP and TMDL related information.”

“…nice brochures and a real person to talk too”

“I like the colorful brochures.”

"…well designed site and surprisingly informative.”

“It provides me with the information required to write a SWPPP.”

“Great website design! I liked the comprehensive presentation of services & structures,
as well as the public’s impact on the LA watersheds.”

“Love the program! Very very important!”

“Looks comprehensive in content…”

"Everyone is professional, responsive, helpful. Excellent technical information.”

“Well organized and references easily downloadable.”

“…good information provided about everyday solutions that people tend to overlook.”

“Graphics are very informative.”

"…web page is well laid out…”

“Very informative web site. Great access to educational materials.”

“It gives easy access to information that you otherwise don’t hear. As a parent, I want children to understand how our world works and how we can impact it. It’s hard to discuss choices with kids without information.”

“Clear and concise.”

“As a municipal government employee in public information, the website
and other resources have proved helpful in publicizing the negatives of storm drain pollution.”

"Internet educational info is very informative.
Best Management Practices manuals (that are available) on Internet are informative and attractive.”

“I love the web page.”

Public Education and Graphics Support staff are called upon to make presentations to school kids K-6 at local LAUSD schools.
"…you tahat me a good lesson. Not to litter.
I like the way you care about are invirment."

Hillary P., age 8

"…I really liked it when you said (or) taught us not to pullot.
But I already new but I still enjoyed it."

Stephanie L., age 9

"I put the picters on my tree. Thank you."

Michelle D., age 8

"Thank you for coming to my classroom. I hope you come agian…"

Natalia S., age 7

"I liked the way you explaned what you are doing…I hope you are here next year
and I hope we bid not bored you with our letters and our questions."

Your friend,
Arturo S. age 7

"I really enjoyed you telling us about your job. It’s a pleaser that you came. Now I will tell my friends not to through trash in the streets, and I will pass it to genouration to genouration and I’m sure that they will pass it on to.

Brandi E., age 8

"You were cool! Thank you for showing us your pictures. Bye now see you.

Eric P., age 7

"I like that you said we sould not throw stuff in the storm darin. thak you.

Michel A., age 7

"I like the picture of the fishes…I was happy that you gave me that."

Gustavo P., age 8

"…when you said don’t liter because it go’s to the animals in the sea. I will never litter agen. I will never want to kill the animals with oil or other stuff."

Jessica D., age 7

"…you showed us how to keep our beach clean.
Thank you for giving us all that stuff in the bag."

Stephanie S., age 8

"I learned about the poster. Don’t throw oil. Don’t throw trash in the sewer."

Gabriela T., age 8

"I learned that if we throw the things in the storm drain the fishes will die."

Daniel A., age 8

"Thank you for helping the water and fish keep clean because the dirty water kills animals. I learned not to throw dirty trash on the floor…
water is the fish’s home because fish like to be happy."

Yajqera B., age 8

"Thank you for coming to our class. I promise not to throw stuff away that can hurt any kind of animal. This way we can go to the beach and so that all the animals will live and not die very fast."

Martin G., age 9

"…My favorite part is when you told us about keep the ocean clean!
I think you are really cool. I hope you come back to visit."

Sonia R., age 9