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On November 2, 2004, the voters of Los Angeles overwhelmingly passed Proposition O, which authorized the City of Los Angeles to issue a series of general obligation bonds for up to $500 million for projects to protect public health by cleaning up pollution, including bacteria and trash, in the City’s watercourses, beaches and the ocean, in order to meet Federal Clean Water Act requirements.

In addition, the measure will fund improvements to protect water quality, provide flood protection, and increase water conservation, habitat protection, and open space. The bonds will allow the City to purchase property and/or improve municipal properties for projects that:

Protect rivers, lakes, beaches, and the ocean
Conserve and protect drinking water and other waters sources
Reduce flooding and use neighborhood parks to decrease polluted runoff
Capture, clean up, and reuse stormwater

An administrative committee and citizens committee have been established to provide oversight of the bond funds. Bond funds will be paid for by property taxes with an average estimated tax increase on a $350,000 home of $35.00 per year for 24 years. Project funds can be used for project planning, design, advertisement, bid and award, construction, construction management, and inspection.

Proposition O Objective

The ballot measure approved by Los Angeles voters established the objective of funding projects that fall within one or more of the following categories:

River, Lakes, Beaches, Bays, and Ocean Water Quality Protection Projects
Water Conservation, Drinking Water, and Source Protection Projects
Flood Water Reduction, River and Neighborhood Parks that Prevent Polluted Runoff and Improve Water Quality Projects
Stormwater Capture, Clean-up, and Re-Use Projects

Community and Stakeholder Support and Endorsements

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