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The City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works begain construction in early May 2003, of a trash removal system at a storm drain under to the Los Angeles River in Central Los Angeles to reduce the amount of trash flowing into the river and downstream toward the ocean.

Using grant funding from the California Integrated Waste Management Board, the Department launched the project within a segment of an existing storm drain at the Sixth Street outlet to the Los Angeles River. The project is located underground on Mateo Street at Industrial Street.

The City’s Bureau of Sanitation will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the system, as well as for ensuring compliance with California Environmental Quality Act laws and for obtaining required operating permits. The Bureau of Engineering has completed the design and will be responsible for managing the installation of the system.

"Urban runoff pollution is a serious problem facing the City of Los Angeles, and the Sixth Street storm drain cutler is a major source of pollution in the Los Angeles River," said Judith A. Wilson, Bureau of Sanitation Director. "This trash removal system will improve the quality of the Los Angela River and the quality of life for all Los Angeles residents."

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Map of drainage area from the 6th Street storm drain. Click for larger image.