The City’s’ Bureau of Sanitation Wastewater Collection Services Division will be featured on an upcoming segment of the hit show "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe" on the cable network The Discovery Channel.

Johnny Pool and Robert Espinosa of Sanitation’s Wastewater Collection System’s Division showed Dirty Jobs Host Mike Rowe how to clean out some of Los Angeles’ filthiest storm drains.

Meeting in the heart of Los Angeles’ on a clear winter morning, host Mike Rowe learned first-hand how to clean out several of the more than 75,000 dirty catch basins that city crews clean on an annual basis.

"It was a real honor to meet Mike Rowe and show him the job that we do," said Johnny Pool, Wastewater Collection Service Division crew member.
"I’m a big fan of the show and always thought that our job would be perfect for it. It’s fun to finally be a part of the Dirty Jobs family," continued Pool.

Rowe suited up as a member of the three-man crew and began the arduous task of cleaning out a catch basin in downtown Los Angeles…in fact, in an area more commonly known as ”Skid Row.”

Rowe climbed down into a catch basin, and amid a flurry of flies and furry rodents, loosened the trash with a rake and then sucked the trash out using the Vactor truck’s powerful hose. With some cheerleading and encouragement by Pool, Rowe did it all and learned the hard and dirty work that is necessary to keep Los Angeles’ catch basins, and ocean, clean.

Some of the more interesting items found in the catch basins during the shoot included a full gallon of orange juice, a high-heeled shoe, a teddy bear, a skateboard and a 10" machete, which Rowe kept as a souvenir. Without the heroic efforts of the Sanitation catch basin cleaning crews who clean out more than 75,000 catch basins annually and collecting more than 50,000 tons of trash every year, all of these items would have eventually found their way to our ocean.

Be sure to watch Dirty Jobs on Tuesday, March 7 to learn more about the City’s work to keep our rivers and beaches clean by doing the "dirty job" of keeping trash out of storm drains.

For more information on the segment’s air time, visit the show’s web site here.