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The City of Los Angeles Used Oil Recycling Public Education Program is a multi-tiered outreach effort, designed to reach used oil do-it-yourself oil changers through a variety of outlets with the same message – to ensure exposure and increase behavior change. The goals of the City of Los Angeles Used Oil Recycling Public Education Program are to
  1. Meet the requirements of the CIWMB Block Grants;
  2. Increase the quantity of used oil and oil filters collected at collection centers within City and the number of calls from City of Los Angeles residents to 888-CleanLA; and,
  3. Increase the reach and frequency of the mass media outreach, and strategically place all advertising to reach the target demographic groups

The target audience for this outreach program is Do-it-yourself oil changers who are improperly disposing of their used oil and filters. Based on evaluation of data from three Los Angeles County public surveys, (1996 Do-It-Yourselfer Attitude Study, 1997 Stormwater Segmentation Study, and 2000 Stormwater Interim Segmentation Study) the City has identified the demographics of this target group:

Primary Audience

Latino (English and Spanish) and African American males ages 25-29

Secondary Audience

  • Caucasian and Asian males ages 25-29
  • Latino (English and Spanish) and African American males ages 45-49
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High School Outreach

The City of Los Angeles encourages all residents to dispose of their used motor oil (and filters) by taking it to their nearest Recycling Collection Center at the more than 300 locations citywide.

Your Street-Don’t Let ‘Em Trash It!

Mass Media Campaigns

  • Point-of-Purchase Display/In Store Floor Graphics
  • Public Services Announcement/Radio Spots
  • Billboards and Bus Shelters

Print Advertisements

Radio Spots

  • Used Oil Freeway 1


High School Auto Workshops
Journalism Classes

Information on Used Oil Recycling was presented to students enrolled in high school workshops (above).

Students taking journalism courses wrote school newspaper articles on used oil-related subjects (below)

Bilingual poster
"A Trip to the Beach"