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In 2001, the Stormwater program began research and development of a new stencil both in terms of design, and in the method used for application to curbside catch basins.

The previous stencil which was developed in 1992 (below, Figure 3) had been applied using a non-toxic spray paint which it was later discovered, faded or wore off after an extended period of time. Re-application also became a problem as it was difficult to align the stencil over the old markings.

The new design uses two versions, one that features a dolphin with the words, NO DUMPING – DRAINS TO OCEAN (Figure 1), and a second that displays the City of Los Angeles Municipal Code 64.70 (Figure 2) which shows the ordinance relating to stormwater discharges.

Figure 1 is to be applied primarily in residential neighborhoods while the L.A.M.C. version is for the commercial and industrial areas of the city.

The new design is composed of a 2-layer thermoplastic reflective material which is not only longer-lasting, but can also be seen at night.

As of April 2004, 30,000 of the city’s 35,000 catch basins have been labeled with the new design, with the remaining 4,000 to be completed by August of 2004.

Figure 1
Designed used in
residential areas
Figure 2
Designed used for industrial/commercial areas
Figure 3

This design was developed in 1992 but due to the type of application, was found to fade over time.