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The Santa Monica Creek watershed drains to the Santa Monica Bay via a perennial creek at the bottom of Santa Monica Canyon. Water samples taken at the creekÕs outfall show high levels of bacterial and fecal coliform contamination flowing unfiltered to the ocean. These high levels of contamination stem from the semi-rural lifestyle within Santa Monica Canyon. The main cause of the contamination is leaking septic tanks and improperly disposed of horse manure.

To address this problem, the City of Los Angeles conducted a public outreach campaign aimed at educating landscapers and gardeners, horse owners and septic tank owners about the best management practices (BMPs) that would reduce the amount of contamination flowing into Santa Monica Bay.

As a continuation of the outreach activities that were conducted in April, May and June of 2000, the City mailed an informational letter and a Septic Tank BMP pamphlet to 700 Santa Monica Canyon residents who maintain septic tanks.

The area was also canvassed with informational flyers on the construction of a Low Flow Diversion.