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Attached are descriptions and fact sheets of treatment control BMPs obtained from the California Stormwater Quality Association’s Best Management Practice Handbooks and other sources.



TC-32 Bioretention;
Appendix F: Vendor List Catch Basin Inserts [Proprietary System] Vendor List
Appendix F: Vendor List Catch Basin Screens [Proprietary System] Vendor List (same as above)
TC-21 Constructed Wetlands;
Appendix F: Vendor List Continuous Separation Systems (CDS) [Proprietary System] Vendor List (same as above)
MP-52 Drain Inserts;
Appendix F: Vendor List Dry Well; Vendor List (same as above)
TC-22 Extended Detention Basins;
TC-11 Infiltration Basin;
TC-10 Infiltration Trench;
TC-40 Media Filter;
TC-60 Multiple Systems;
Appendix F: Vendor List On-line Filtration Systems [Proprietary System] Vendor List (same as above)
Appendix F: References Primary Wastewater Treatment; References List (same as Vendor List)
  Rain Diversion System;
TC-12 Retention/Irrigation;
Appendix F: References Vegetated Swales and Strips ; References List (same as above)
TC-31 Vegetated Buffer Strip;
TC-30 Vegetated Swale;
MP-51 Vortex Separator;
Appendix F: Vendor List Hydrodynamic Systems; Vendor List (same as above)
TC-50 Water Quality Inlet;
MP-20 Wetland;
TC-20 Wet Pond;
MP-50 Wet Vault;
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