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The following should be submitted to a Watershed Protection Division (WPD) Plan Check Engineer. A minimum of 2 sets of Grading and/or Site Plans are required. Developers may need to also submit plumbing, architectural, and landscape plans. WPD will keep one set of plans.

Plans must be wet-stamped and signed by an engineer or architect

Plans must include (at least):


Detail drawings of all structural BMPs


Stenciling note and/or detail [download sample stencils]


Trash enclosure details



Flow Calculations [download]

Covenant and Agreement (C&A) [download] w/ Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Plan [download sample]

A C&A with an O&M plan (per the manufacturer’s recommendations) is required to ensure optimum performance of the installed BMPs. The C&A must be signed by the owner, notarized, and recorded at the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder.
A stamped certified copy must be submitted to WPD for approval.