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Standard Urban Stormwater Mitigation Plans (SUSMPs)

Best Management Practices for Construction

Los Angeles Municipal Code Section, Exception 14 requires the owners and contractors of construction projects to include measures to control stormwater pollution during construction activities. These control measures vary based upon the project’s potential impact to stormwater pollution. Most construction projects, depending primarily upon their size and location, are required to implement BMPs to control pollutants going into the storm drains and receiving waters. Construction projects are divided into the following four categories:

  1. Exempt Projects
  2. Construction Projects
  3. Priority Construction Projects
  4. Projects Subject to the General Construction Permit

Specific requirements for the project will be based on its category. However, all construction projects involving grading during the period between October 1 and April 15 are required to prepare a Wet Weather Erosion Control Plan (WWECP). WWECP specifies installation of temporary erosion control measures. This plan shall be approved by September 1 preceding the commencement of grading.

For more detail information on these requirements and ways to meet them, please refer to the “Development Best Management Practices Handbook – Part A Construction Activities