Pet Owner Outreach

Unattended pet waste is a large source of stormwater pollution. Pet waste left on grassy areas, sidewalks and streets is flushed into our storm drain system when it rains. The toxic mix of bacteria from dog waste and water then flows untreated into our local waterways and ocean. This pollution is harmful to:

• Our pet’s health

• Aquatic life

• Beach goers

Pet Facility Outreach

The City identified the following pet facilities located throughout the City to outreach:
• Pet Stores
• Grooming Facilities
• Pet Hospitals
• Kennels
• Animal Shelters

Then, the City visited these pet facilities to place materials including posters and pet post cards reminding pet owners to pick up after their dogs every time to prevent stormwater pollution. The post card encourages residents to take action and call the hotline (800) 974-9794 to receive a free container with doggie waste bags. While visiting the facilities, outreach specialists took the time to speak to staff and had them sign a pet commitment letter. By signing the pet commitment letter, staff pledged to remind their customers to pick up after their pets every time.

If you would like a poster or pet post cards for your pet facility, please call (800) 974-9794 or email [email protected] and we will visit your pet facility to place the materials.


Pet Event Outreach

The City was able to provide stormwater pollution prevention information and remind dog owners to pick up after their pet at different pet-related events and adoptions. At these events, the City distributed pet post cards and containers with doggie waste bags. As well, dog owners signed commitment letters, pledging to pick up after their pet every time.