Tips for Homeowners

When working around the house or on home improvement projects, it’s important to follow these environmental good housekeeping practices to keep your neighborhood and our waterways clean and healthy:

  • Keep the area in front of your home clean – picking up and disposing of trash and debris in the gutter.
  • When cleaning your sidewalks or driveway, use a broom. Do not use water to hose off a surface.
  • Consider using less toxic water-based paints.
  • Always wash out paint brushes in a sink. Oil-based paint brushes should be cleaned with paint thinner.
  • Use dry methods for spill cleanup (e.g. sweeping, cat litter). Do not hose down spills.
  • Store household cleaners and chemicals like bleach, paint, paint thinner, pesticides and fertlizers in tight, water-proof containers for re-use.
  • Safely dispose of unwanted cleaners, paint and chemicals. The City of Los Angeles offers permanent SAFE Centers that accept paint and other toxic waste FREE of charge.

You may also want to download the Paint Safety Tip Card for print ready information.