Tips for Gardeners

Believe it or not, leaves and grass can be harmful to marine life when you use your garden hose to wash them into the gutter. That’s because once yard waste is in our city streets, it flows into our local waterways and straight out to the ocean, where it decomposes and creates potentially harmful algae. Pesticides and fertilizers washed off lawns or gardens add to the urban runoff mix and are toxic to marine life.

Here are a few simple good housekeeping practices you can follow to assure a healthy environment for both your neighborhood and our local waterways:

There’s no need to over apply fertilizers and pesticides! Always use as directed.

  • Use a broom to sweep your driveway or sidewalk. Do not use a hose.

  • Strategically apply products on your lawn when rain is not expected.

  • Use water wisely while irrigating your lawn and garden.

  • Read labels and use pesticides and fertilizers as directed. Do not over apply.

  • Compost green waste or recycle it in your City-issued green recycling bin.

  • Safely dispose of toxic household hazardous waste. The City of Los Angeles offers six permanent SAFE Centers that accept household toxic waste FREE of charge.

You may also want to download the Fertilizer Safety Tip Card, the Pesticide Safety Tip Card and the Ocean Begins in Your Neighborhood- For Gardeners and Landscapers Brochure for print ready information. 

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