Store and Dispose of Household Hazardous Materials

Household hazardous materials such as fertilizers, pesticides, paints and used motor oil have the potential to cause serious harm to our environment if they are not stored correctly and disposed of properly.

Do it the Right Way and Keep it Out of Our Waterways
When using and storing motor oil, fertilizers, pesticides, or paints, follow these simple good housekeeping practices to keep toxins out of our local rivers, creeks, lakes and beaches:

Unwanted hazardous household waste can be disposed of at Los Angeles SAFE Centers.
  • Always store containers and bags indoors in a covered garage or shed.

  • Cover containers with tight-fitting lids when not using the product.

  • Absorb automotive spills or leaks with kitty litter and dispose of in a City-issued black bin.

  • Wash out paint brushes in sinks – never outside on your lawn or gutter.

  • Take unwanted hazardous household waste products to a Los Angeles SAFE Center.

  • Call the Stormwater Hotline at (800) 974-9794 or use the City’s online Service Request Form for Illegal Dumping Pick Up to report abandoned hazardous waste in the public right-of-way (streets, parkways, alleys).