Recalled Toys DO NOT Belong in Trash

LOS ANGELES (December 10, 2007) – The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation reminds residents that products such as toys that have been recalled for containing lead-based paint and other hazardous and/or toxic material should not be discarded in the regular trash.

A number of recent product recalls involve toys containing lead-based paint and other hazardous material used in the manufacturing process. While we are not part of any recall process instituted by manufacturers or retailers, we do strongly encourage residents who have these products to contact and return them to their manufacturers or stores. At the same time, we understand there are those who, as a last option, need to discard these recalled products. We would like to remind them to do so responsibly. Discarding items containing lead-based paint and other hazardous material into the environment, through the regular trash, can bring the material full circle and right back into our homes, cautions Bureau of Sanitation Director Enrique Zaldivar.

Lead is a neurotoxic heavy metal that, when ingested or inhaled and absorbed, can harm virtually every system in the human body, especially the brain. It is extremely difficult to clean up when dispersed into the environment. Once discarded into the regular trash, the lead finds its way into landfills where it can leach through the soil and into underground springs and waterways or groundwater. Groundwater is a source of drinking water.

We invite residents to properly dispose of their hazardous materials at our S.A.F.E. Centers located throughout the City, said Board of Public Works President Cynthia Ruiz.

S.A.F.E stands for Solvents, Automotives, Flammables and Electronics – items hazardous to the environment (including people and animals) that should not be disposed of in the regular trash and should instead be delivered to a S.A.F.E. Collection Center:

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The Bureau of Sanitation, Department of Public Works, City of Los Angeles is not part of any recall process instituted by manufacturers or sellers. Any refunds, credits or replacements for recalled items must be sought directly from manufacturers or sellers.

Recall information can be found on the website of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

For additional information on hazardous waste disposal, visit the Bureau of Sanitation’s website or call 1-800-98-TOXIC / 1-800-988-6942 or dial 3-1-1.