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The City of Los Angeles is committed to improving the water quality of our surrounding riverways, creeks and coastal waters by reducing the amount of contaminated runoff that flows from our urban watershed. With the help of all Angelenos, we can make significant strides towards this effort.

Listed below are just some of the ways the City of Los Angeles is helping meet these goals:

Pollution Control Devices

The City of Los Angeles is installing several pollution control devices throughout the city as well as Low Flow Diversion structures along the Santa Monica Bay coastline… [more]

Public Education

A comprehensive public education campaign is in place to raise awareness of the urban runoff problem and to provide all Angelenos with solutions. [more]

Stormwater Enforcement, Inspection, and Illicit Discharge Program

The Watershed Protection Division employs a team of 20 inspectors whose job is to canvass the city to find, respond to and investigate reports of illegal discharges into the streets and storm drain system [more].

Catch Basin Cleaning

The Bureau of Sanitation cleans out the city’s 35,000 catch basins at least once a year… [more]

Urban Lakes Program

In a joint effort between the City’s Stormwater Program and the Department of Recreation and Parks, several lakes within the city are now being revitalized… [more]

Leading by Example

All City of Los Angeles facilities are in strict compliance with stormwater discharge regulations, also known as Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)… [coming soon]

Catch Basin Labeling

A completely redesigned catch basin label is being applied to thousands of catch basins throughout the city… [more]

Partnering with City Departments and Other Agencies

To maximize the scope of outreach, the Stormwater Program is partnering with other city departments as well as private businesses. [more]

Water Quality Monitoring of the Los Angeles River

The City of Los Angeles, the City of Burbank, the County of Los Angeles and the Friends of Los Angeles River are conducting water quality monitoring along the Los Angeles River. [more]