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The Ballona Creek Watershed covers an area of approximately 130 square miles (82,881 acres) and is located in the coastal plain of the Los Angeles Basin. The watershed includes the Cities of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, and portions of the cities of Culver City, Inglewood, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County and Caltrans. Its boundaries are defined by the Santa Monica Mountains to the north, the Harbor Freeway (110) to the east, and the Baldwin Hills to the south. The watershed is highly developed with high-density single family residential, multiple family residential, and mixed residential areas as the primary land uses in the watershed. Open space and recreation areas and commercial facilities make up the rest of the watershed.

Ballona Creek flows as an open channel for just under 10 miles from Los Angeles (south of Hancock Park) through Culver City, reaching the Pacific Ocean at Playa del Rey. It is entirely lined in concrete and is fed by a complex underground network of storm drains, which reaches north to Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. Tributaries of the creek and estuary include Centinela Creek, Sepulveda Channel, Benedict Canyon Channel, and numerous other storm drains.

The uppermost section referred to as “Ballona Creek” (Reach 1) is a 2-mile stretch from Cochran Avenue to National Boulevard. “Ballona Creek to Estuary” (Reach 2) is the longest segment of the creek (approximately 4 miles) continuing on from National Boulevard and ending at Centinela Avenue where the estuary begins. The creek meets “Ballona Creek Estuary” at Centinela Avenue, where concrete is replaced by grouted riprap side slopes and an earth bottom. Ballona Creek Estuary continues to the Pacific Ocean for 3.5 miles and its lower portion runs parallel to the main channel of Marina del Rey.

Additional information on the Ballona Creek Watershed can be found under the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Watershed Management Initiative Program.