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As part of the Urban Lakes Program, a number of enhancements will be made to Echo Park Lake. These will include the installation of floating wetland islands and aeration systems. The expected improvements in lake water quality resulting from these improvements will be documented through monitoring.

Routine sampling was initiated on October 3, 2002.

Monthly samples for indicator bacteria at perimeter stations.

Additional quarterly samples from mid-lake stations for nutrients and water quality.

The continued assessment of Echo Park Lake water quality will allow the ability to monitor changes in overall lake water quality due to improved circulation through:

  • the installation of floating wetland islands,
  • the addition of numerous aeration pads throughout the lake, and
  • the modification of the fountain inlets to include a small inlet at the northernmost end of the lotus pond.


Increased bacterial concentrations at station EPL-1 are probably due to:

  • The presence of a stormwater inlet at that station and
  • Feces from the birds aquatic life that live on or visit the island
  • Metal concentrations in the lake are at or below levels found in local drinking water.

The project calls for the insertion of an artificial wetlands that floats on the lake’s surface filtering out harmful bacteria.

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