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      Department of Public Works Bureau of Sanitation

The activities of the Program Compliance component is to ensure the City achieves compliance with its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Municipal Stormwater Permit (Permit).

To that end, section staff coordinates with and/or provides guidance on the City’s Stormwater Program to City departments, managers, elected officials, other municipalities, and regulatory agencies. Key responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring and supporting the efforts of the Watershed Protection Division’s core work groups to ensure the City achieves compliance with all facets of the Permit. This effort culminates in the preparation of the Annual Report that documents the status of the Cityƕs Stormwater Program for the Regional Water Quality Control Board.
  • Providing reviews, analyses, and recommendations on Permit-related issues for consideration by City managers and elected officials as they develop the City’s policies and positions that guide the Stormwater Program.
  • Representing the City on several Watershed Management Committees that are tasked with facilitating cooperation and exchange of information among the co-permittees, addressing watershed-specific issues, and promoting consistency among municipalities on Permit implementation.

Implementing the Public Agency Activities Program of the Permit to ensure the City itself is carrying out the proper stormwater pollution prevention measures and leads by example. Staff coordinates with City agencies – primarily the Bureaus of Sanitation, Engineering, Street Lighting, and Street Services, and the Departments of Airports, Fire, General Services, Harbor, Police, Recreation & Parks, Transportation, and Water & Power – that are involved in the operational activities targeted by the Permit.

Staff also provides guidance on Permit compliance as issues arise, through training and regular visits to targeted facilities, and by chairing the monthly Public Agency Activities Committee meeting, which serves as a forum for the Watershed Protection Division to inform City agencies of the latest developments in the Stormwater Program and for all parties to share information that may benefit each other’s compliance efforts.

Program compliance activities ensure that City Departments implement stormwater BMPs and lead by example.