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A Catch Basin Screen Cover
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Technical Report (PDF 1.6MB):
Catch Basin Covers-June 2006

Technical Report (PDF 1.7MB)
Catch Basin Inserts-June 2006

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Catch Basin Opening Screen Covers consist of a coarse screen placed at the opening of the catch basins to prevent trash and other large debris from getting into the storm drain system, making its way to the Los Angeles River and Ballona Creek. CB opening screen covers prevent trash greater than 3/4 inch from entering the storm drain system. The opening screen covers utilized by the City remain in the closed-locked position during dry weather and small to moderate storms, thus allowing street sweepers to collect the trash retained along the curb and gutter.

During large intense storm events, the covers are designed to swing open inwards to relieve storm runoff that may have accumulated in front of the screen, thus preventing localized ponding/flooding.

Once the storm runoff subsides, the covers then return to the closed self-locking position. The opening screen cover and its components are stainless steel. Routine street sweeping ensures that the screen cover face remains clear of obstructions year-round.

Catch Basin Opening Screen Covers are currently being installed in City-owned catch basins throughout the City. It is anticipated, subject to funding availability, that all catch basins within the City (approximately 44,000) will have an opening screen cover installed within the near future.