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Pollution Assessment provides scientific support to the watershed protection program and is responsible for the development of monitoring programs and the assessment collected data; researching relevant stormwater studies to aid various division and bureau projects; acting as City liaison for statewide monitoring agencies; and representing the Watershed Protection Division on Watershed science related issues.

Areas of work include:

  1. Characterization of urban runoff as related to the Los Angeles River, Ballona Creek, and Dominguez Channel
  2. Assessing the biology and chemistry of the watersheds, urban lakes, and wetlands in the City of Los Angeles
  3. Development of data and tools to facilitate watershed management and for TMDL development

Key questions the Pollution Assessment Section focuses on are:

  • How can we best protect our precious natural resources?
    • What plants and animals are present?
  • How can we best protect the beneficial uses of these resources in our community?
    • Boating, swimming, and fishing
  • What is the current state of our shorelines, watersheds, urban lakes, and wetlands?
    • What pollutants are present?
    • Where and when are they creating a problem in the ecosystem?
  • What steps can be taken to reduce or eliminate problem pollutants?
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