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(Clean Stormwater / Urban Runoff Master Plan)

With widespread support from many environmental organizations in Los Angeles, the Board of Public Works adopted the Water Quality Compliance Master Plan for Urban Runoff (WQCMPUR), a 20 year strategy for clean stormwater and urban runoff to protect the City’s rivers, lakes and beaches from pollution.

By promoting a green infrastructure, the WQCMPUR seeks a broad watershed-based perspective using green and natural solutions to improve water quality and bring Los Angeles into compliance with current and emerging water quality regulations. The master plan:

  • describes the existing status of urban runoff management in Los Angeles;
  • builds ongoing watershed management efforts by Los Angeles, and other agencies and organizations;
  • identifies key issues for the future of urban runoff management;
  • provides strategic guidelines for improving the water quality of the City’s rivers, lakes and beaches.
  • identifies opportunities for collaboration among City departments and with environmental organizations;
  • describes how rainwater could be put to beneficial use to augment water supply;
  • helps with climate change and sustainability of the City.

The WQCMPUR was developed in 2007 and 2008 in close collaboration with all that are concerned with the quality of the City’s waters. City outreach will continue for the implementation of the WQCMPUR and the Clean Water Initiative, the proposed funding mechanism for the WQCMPUR.

The WQCMPUR documents can be downloaded using the following links:

WQCMPUR Chapters
WQCMPUR Appendices

Both files include bookmarks to easily locate specific chapters or appendices. To use these bookmarks, open the pdf file and click on the tab on the upper left hand side of the file, called “Bookmarks”, and click on the name of the chapter or appendix.

If you have any questions about the WQCMPUR, or would like to schedule a briefing, please e-mail [email protected].

On November 18, 2009, WPD staff presented the WQCMPUR to the Proposition O Citizens Oversight and Advisory Committee (COAC). Please use the following link to see this presentation: WQCMPUR-compatibility