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The Inspection and Enforcement Unit’s primary responsibility is to protect the public and the environment through the enforcement of the City’s Stormwater and Urban Runoff Pollution Control Ordinance (L.A.M.C. Sec. 64.70) and other environmental laws and regulations.

On a daily basis, inspectors of this section respond to public complaints of chemical spills, dumping of pollutants and abandoned wastes that threaten the storm drains and the quality of the receiving waters. In addition to the enforcement aspect, the inspectors supervise the clean up of pollutants on public ways in order to ensure public safety and for the protection of water quality.

At this early phase of the Stormwater Program, the current focus is to participate in the education of businesses in adopting management practices to prevent stormwater pollution instead of seeking immediate compliance through administrative or punitive remedies. This is achieved through the Business Site Visit Program. However, in cases of serious violations of this Ordinance or any other environmental laws, the inspectors are trained to work and cooperate with other environmental enforcement agencies.

Enforcement agencies of the District Attorney’s Office, the State Attorney General’s Office and the Federal U.S. Attorney’s Office provide broad assistance in ensuring proper and effective punishment of the violator and for the recovery of fair restitution. Currently new enforcement procedures are being developed to fully utilize the enforcement tools that are provided in the new Stormwater Ordinance.

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