The objective of the Westchester Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Project is to remove bacteria and other pollutants such as trash, oil and grease, metals, and pesticides from urban runoff and keep them from reaching our beaches and coastal waters.

The project, along with other approved Prop O projects, will assist in complying with the Santa Monica Bay Beaches Wet Weather Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and making the beaches and coastal waters of Santa Monica Bay safer and healthier places.

Approved Prop O Projects

Press Release 5-19-2008
Argonaut Newspaper Article
Project Summary-Report
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Fast Facts::

Project location: On LAX property near the intersection of Pershing Drive and Westchester Parkway

Stormwater flow diversion facilities will be sized and designed to significantly reduce the number of beach closure days (to levels closer to undeveloped watersheds)

Stormwater pre-treatment facilities will remove trash, debris and coarse sediment, in an easily maintained, underground, central location
Flow equalization and regulation (pumping) will optimize system performance (also below ground)
Below ground infiltration facilities will help restore groundwater and natural hydrologic cycles
Total budget: Estimated at $32.7 million (paid for by Proposition O funds)

The proposed project description and design are preliminary and subject to change as geotechnical and other site studies progress.

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