The City of Los Angeles and the City of Santa Monica are working together to implement a regional project that combines water quality improvement and stormwater reuse. The Penmar Water Quality Improvement Project will be built to reduce pollutant levels in stormwater runoff from the Penmar area, located in Venice, adjacent to the City of Santa Monica. As a result, bacterial levels will be reduced in the surf zone of Santa Monica Bay.

The project, along with other approved Prop O projects, will assist in complying with the Santa Monica Bay Beaches Wet Weather Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) while making our beaches and bay waters safer and healthier.

Please attend an upcoming Penmar Water Quality Improvement Project community meeting.
Approved Prop O Projects


Project location: Along portions of Frederick St. and Rose Ave. in Venice, adjacent to the Penmar Golf Course and under a portion of the Penmar Recreation Center Park play fields. Other project work will take place in a few local streets.

The first phase of the project is being designed to direct some of the area’s dry-weather urban runoff and wet weather stormwater to the Hyperion Treatment Plant for pollutant removal. As a result, up to nearly three million gallons (per storm event) of stormwater from this watershed that is currently untreated will be kept out of the drain that flows into Santa Monica Bay.

Protect and enhance the full range of community uses in the park
Implement multipurpose solutions at the lake consistent with Proposition O objectives including water supply, water quality, flood reduction, stormwater reuse, and recreation.
The major project components consist of a stormwater diversion structure, pumps, storm drain sewer pipes and sanitary sewer pipes, and an underground storage tank.
This first phase of work will begin in late 2009 or early 2010.
Temporary construction impacts will include a reduction of street parking on a few local streets including a portion of Penmar Avenue between Indiana and Jones avenues and a lane closure on Rose Avenue. Some recreational activities at the Penmar Community Center Park will be relocated temporarily to construct a storage tank under the play fields.
Following the first phase of work, a disinfection system will be built to treat a portion of the stormwater flow. The safe, treated water will be locally reused for landscape irrigation at the Penmar Golf Course, Penmar Recreation Center Park, and Marine Park.

If you have questions or comments, please call the Project Outreach Coordinator at (877) 700-3069.. The project description, concepts and design are preliminary and subject to change.