The Bureau of Engineering’s Prop O Monthly Reports for July and August 2007 are now available.

JUNE 2007

The Bureau of Engineering’s Prop O June 2007 Report is now available [802Kb]

APRIL 2007

The City’s first Prop O funded project, the groundbreaking of the Cesar Chavez Recreation Complex occured on April 12, 2007. A 41-acre site that was formerly a municipal landfill, will be transformed into a multi-use park [more]

MARCH 2007

The Bureau of Engineering’s Prop O February 2007 Report is now available [4.2MBs]


Due to a server/proxy re-configuration between the Bureau of Sanitation and the City’s Information Technology Agency, the LA Prop O and Stormwater Program web sites were down from 2-12-07 through 2-28-07.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The Bureau of Engineering’s Prop O January 2007 Report is now available [3.9MBs]


Special Meeting:

Joint Workshop of the AOC and the COAC
Monday January 8, 2007
2:00 – 4:00PM
City Hall East; 12th Floor, Conference Room A

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The Bureau of Engineering’s Prop O December 2006 Report is now available [3.9MBs]

Download the AOC/CAOC meetings calendar for 2007


HANSEN DAM Recreational Area Parking Lot and Wetlands Restoration [3MBs]

ECHO PARK Rehabilitation Project [4.6MBs]

WILMINGTON DRAIN Mulit-Use Project Complete (High Resolution File): [10.1MBs]

Machado Lake Ecosystem Rehabilitation Project [4.1MBs]

Bureau of Engineering Prop O November 2006 Status Report [3.4MBs]

The schedule of meetings for the Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee (COAC) is available by clicking here.






The following concept reports from the First Round Prop O Call for Projects are now available:


  • Appendix B: Conceptual Plan Complete (Low Resolution File): [9.1MBs]
  • Appendix B: Conceptual Plan Partitioned (High Resolution Files)
    • Table of Contents – Introduction [5.6MBs]
    • Background [508KB]
    • Existing Conditions [2.8MBs]
    • Recommendations [31.4MBs]
    • Implementation [6.1MBs]
    • Contacts and Cost Estimates [199KB]



APRIL 25, 2006

At the most recent Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee (COAC) meeting held on April 19, 2006, COAC members received additional testimony from applicants representing various potential projects that are seeking Prop O funding. To date, COAC and the Administrative Oversight Committees (AOC) have approved all 15 projects that were rated as “A” Projects. Before actual funds can be allocated for these projects, concept reports will be developed to better define the scope, budget (including both capital and operations costs) and implementation schedule.

During the same COAC meeting on April 19, 2006 discussions, COAC members devised a plan to short list the twenty two (22) projects that they had on their April 19, 2006 meeting agenda for consideration at their next meeting to be held on Wednesday, May 17, 2006. To accomplish this, each Committee member has been asked to nominate no more than three (3) projects for consideration from the twenty two project list. The top five (5) projects that receive the highest number of nominations will be placed on the COAC agenda for further consideration. In addition, if there is a project that is not included in the top 5 ranking which a COAC member believes should be considered, the COAC member may submit one (1) additional project for consideration based on its merits from the twenty two project list.

As always, the public is invited to participate in the discussion at all COAC and AOC meetings. The Committee members do appreciate hearing feedback as to the concerns raised in your community as well as how those can be addressed through the implementation of Prop O projects that seek to make improvements to our water quality throughout Los Angeles.

For those projects which are not selected for this round, it’s important to note that there will be future opportunities to resubmit applications for Prop O funding.

MARCH 29, 2006

The Proposition O Semi-Annual Report is available as a PDF download here [660k], or by clicking on the image at left.

An Applications Status Listing, which details all the project proposals with their ratings is also available here.

FEBRUARY 22, 2006

The Proposition O Project Review Committee (PRC), comprised of representatives from five City agencies (Environmental Affairs Department, Department of Water and Power, Department of Recreation and Parks, Bureau of Sanitation and Bureau of Engineering), reviewed and evaluated the 50 proposals in January 2006.

The recommendations of the Project Review Committee are outlined in the following report:

The Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee (COAC) will be meeting on Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. at Los Angeles City Hall East, Room 1500, 200 N. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 to discuss the projects recommended for Category A. Subsequent COAC meetings will take place to discuss projects recommended for Category B and Category C.

DECEMBER 22, 2006

The City of Los Angeles received 50 proposals for water quality improvement projects as the first funding cycle for Proposition O closed on December 16, 2005. Ranging from smart irrigation systems to groundwater enhancement to wetlands and parks, the proposed projects are located in Los Angeles’ various watersheds and work to improve water quality in multiple water bodies. The majority of the projects are located in the Los Angeles River watershed – the Cityƕs largest.

The next step in the process is the review and evaluation of the received proposals.

A Project Review Committee comprised of City representatives from several City Departments will review the proposals in January using a set of adopted criteria that includes water quality improvements, multiple objectives and project feasibility and readiness in their evaluation. The Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee plan to announce the projects that will move forward as City projects approved for Proposition O funding at their February 15 community meeting.