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On March 2, 2007, the City of Los Angeles’ Energy and the Environment/AdHoc River Committee filed a Motion directing the Bureau of Sanitation to create a  Water Quality Compliance Master Plan for Urban Runoff (WQCMPUR). This WQCMPUR will outline the City’s strategy in achieving Clean Water Act standards as well as compliance with all urban runoff regulations and mandates.

This Motion asks that a written report be presented back to the Energy and the Environment Committee within 30 days with plans that specifically address how the City will incorporate public input with this Master Plan, and follow these principals:

  • Identify all pollutants of concern in the City by type and location, including watershed or water body;
  • Prioritize polluted areas within the City and create a compliance timetable;
  • Identify existing efforts to reduce pollutants of concern and comply with all state and federal regulations;
  • Identify strategies — such as on-site retention/infltration, structural best management practices, regional multi-use benefit projects (including the identification of potential sites for such projects), and non-structural educational and regulatory measures (including ordinance changes to encourage on-site infiltration) for the City to meet Clean Water Act standards by pollutant and by water body or watershed;
  • Provide a technical nexus between the strategies and water quality standards attainment and demonstrate that strategy implementation will result in standards compliance;
  • Identify water quality data gaps including those that need to be filled in order to determine if the City is in full compliance with water quality requirements in the Los Angeles County stormwater permit and applicable TMDLs; and
  • Identify estimated costs and sources of financial support including, but not limited to state and local bonds, stormwater pollution abatement funds, County flood control fees, and sewer service charges.

The Master Plan will integrate existing efforts already underway such as the Integrated Resources Plan, Integrated Regional Water Management Plan, the Draft Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan, and other relevant watershed management plans, and will be developed in parnership with stakeholders from the public, environment groups, and regulators including the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board and local municipalities.

Another aspect of this Master Plan will include public workshops to seek input from not only from the above stakeholders, but also from the general public.

The first of a series of workshops was held on June 27, 2007 at the Los Angeles River Center in Elysian Park. Several City representatives were on-hand to give their remarks and field questions from environmental stakeholders. In attendance were City Councilman Bill Rosendahl (CD11), Board of Public Works President Cynthia Ruiz, and [former] Bureau of Sanitation Director Rita Robinson. Stormwater Program Manager Shahram Kharaghani led the presentation.

Water Quality Compliance Master Plan for Urban Runoff


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