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Councilmember Ed Reyes presented awards to [left to right] Rebecca Drayse, Treepeople, City Employee Oscar Amaro, Joe Linton, FoLAR, and Gary Lee Moore, City Engineer.

LOS ANGELES (June 9, 2006) — First District City Councilmember and Los Angeles River Ad Hoc Committee Chairman Ed P. Reyes presented the Los Angeles River Awards today, Los Angeles River Appreciation Day, in recognition of City of Los Angeles staff and stakeholders’ efforts in revitalizing the Los Angeles River. The ceremony was held at the City Hall rotunda, and awardees were again honored later in the City Council Chambers during the City Council meeting.

In the category of "Public Employee," the award was given to Department of Public Works Bureau of Sanitation Graphic Designer Oscar Amaro, for his design of the official Los Angeles River poster, a work that "…depicts the beauty, potential, and challenges of the River" as well as "…[creating] a wealth of watershed protection outreach materials that are both educational and engaging and have reached hundreds of thousands, students, business owners and municipal employees."

Another recipient in the category "Public Group," was City Engineer Gary Lee Moore, for his leadership in the Los Angeles River City department task force which is comprised of members from the Mayor’s Office, City Council offices, and various City departments, and who, along with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the County of Los Angeles, work together to facilitate the river’s rehabilitation.

"As the department in charge of the City’s infrastructure, the Department of Public Works is pleased to work with Councilmember Reyes, other City departments, and the Los Angeles residents to revitalize the Los Angeles River,” said Board of Public Works President Cynthia M. Ruiz.

“We are grateful for the Councilmember’s recognition of the City department task force led by our City Engineer, and Amaro’s talents in creating a visual representation of our City’s hope for the River. We look forward to more years of teamwork and responsible stewardship of the great Los Angeles River.”

Also present for the ceremony were fellow Councilmembers Eric Garcetti [District 13] and Tom LaBonge [District 4] who presented the award of Community Advocate/Group to TreePeople for their tireless efforts toward the "greening" of Los Angeles.

In the Project/Event category, the awardees were the Red Car Mural at Atwater Village; the Friends of the Los Angeles River; and the collaboration of the Department of Water and Power, Northeast Trees and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority that built Crystal Street Park.

For more information on the City’s LA River revitalization efforts, visit the Bureau of Engineering or the LA River Revitalization Master Plan web sites.

Councilmember Tom LaBonge and Bureau of Sanitation Director Rita Robinson flank Stormwater Program Graphic Designer Oscar Amaro (center).