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The Stormwater Program has information in digital form available to download in the categories below. Presentations are either in Flash (plug-in required) or PDF (Adobe Reader). Videos and Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are in both QuickTime and RealPlayer format, while radio spots are sound files in MP3 format.

This page is still under construction. Please check back later as we are in the process of converting analog video to digital/web format.

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Presentation by Shahram Kharaghani
to BPW 6-8-09
[pdf} [ppt]

Pet Owner Outreach
(2.2 MBs in QuickTime format)
Make the Connection DVD or VHS video
English (10 minutes)
Spanish (13 minutes)

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Used Oil: "Freeway"

Used Oil: "Radio Test"

Used Oil: "Beach"
Implementation Plan for SMBBB TMDL
[2 MBs]
Highland Park Comm unity Mural Dedication
[2 MBs]

2001 Annual Workshop
[2.6 MBs]

2000 Annual Workshop
[2.5 MBs]

1999 Annual Workshop
[1.6 MBs]

Trash TMDL Plan-CWER; 2-28-05
(4.7 MBs]


TMDLs and the Los Angeles River
[1.4 MBs]

History of the Storm Drain System