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Partnership with High School Journalism Programs

The City also implemented an additional outreach activity to high school students, a partnership with high school newspapers. The City developed a news brief that educated students on stormwater pollution prevention and then worked with high school newspaper journalists to write articles for publication in their newspapers.

Advertising in High School Newspapers

To supplement the outreach efforts conducted by the County to high school students, the City conducted an advertising campaign with high school newspapers. The advertisements focused mainly on the litter message, but also outreached to high school student pet owners. The advertisement artwork used was based on the print advertisements of the mass media advertising campaign. The artwork designs included a soda cup design, a burger box design, and a dog design.

During this reporting period, the City outreached to 12 high schools and placed ads in 25 newspaper publications. A total of over 63,000 impressions were made on high school students.