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To ensure compliance with the NPDES Permit, the City of Los Angeles’ Stormwater Program has been conducting ongoing training programs to educate the City of Los Angeles’ 41,000 employees and instruct them in how their daily actions can effect stormwater pollution and ways to reduce the amount of toxins and pollutants.

Stormwater Pollution-—What You Can Do

A video supplement to City Employee Guide, the training program consists of two phases. The first phase includes the distribution of a general education video along with a supplemental handbook to all City divisions. The 20-minute video was designed in a news show format identifying problems attributed to stormwater runoff.

It concludes by demonstrating "good housekeeping" or Best Management Practices (BMPs).

A City Employee handbook guide, Preventing Stormwater Pollution, is provided as a reference that re-inforces the material outlined in the video. In addition, City employees whose duties may involve field activities have received training and instruction on how to recognize instances of stormwater violations or illegal discharge. For more information on the program’s Make the Call campaign, click here.