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Pet Owner Outreach

Pet waste is a major source of stormwater pollution and to outreach to pet owners with the message of picking up after their pets, the City’s Stormwater Program placed and/or distributed materials at various venues that pet owners would frequent. In these efforts, the City:

  • Identified Pet Stores, Kennels, and Animal Clinics
    • The City researched all pet stores, kennels, and animal clinics within the City of Los Angeles and created a database of these locations; during this period, the City continued to update this database with new information gained from research.
  • Partered with Pet Stores
    • The City partnered with major pet store chains such as PETCO and PetsMart as well as smaller independent store to outreach pet owners. English and Spanish posters, tip cards, and "What’s the Scoop?" brochures were placed in windows and on cashier counters. From July 2002 to June 2003, the City outreached to a total of 96 pet stores.

The following table lists some of the pet stores visited:

Dog owners were educated on their responsibilities to their pet and the environment and were also asked to sign a pledge commitment (below). Click on image to download a copy.
PetsMart Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies For Pets Only
PetCo Elite Animals C & C Pet Food & Supplies
Quality Pet Shop Pets R Us Kim’s Pet & Fish
The Dapper Dog Pet Slauson Animal Ark Pet Shop
Westside Pet Shop Eco-Pet Pets Only
Katie’s Petville USA Pet Depot Catts & Doggs Pet Boutique
Jose Diego Pet Grooming Amazon Rain Forest Pet Shop Tiffany’s Pet Food
Dogromat Gay’s Pet Grooming Pet Lovers Grooming & Supplies
Pet Day Spa Hollywood Hound JS Dog & Cat Grooming
Tongs Tropical Fish & Pets Hal’s Eagle Rock Pet Shop El Eden Pet Shop
Participants are asked to sign a commitment letter pledging to always pick up after the pets and are given free doggie bag dispensers.
A FAQs sheet explaining the environmental impacts
from unattended dog waste is also distributed
to all participating pet owners
Download the presentation, "Creating a "Pawsitive Change for Pet Owners."

Outreach to Los Angeles Area Animal Clinics

Corporate Partnership of Major Pet Stores

Los Angeles veterinarians have been extremely supportive in helping to distribute pollution prevention materials in their clinics.

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