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To draw attention and attendees to the Stormwater Program booth at selected public events, the Stormwater Program created the Creature From the Storm Drain Monster.

This 9-foot brightly painted plywood cutout towers over event visitors and brings them in for a closer look. The Stormwater Program offers Polaroid photos with the Monster for all visitors (Figure 2). The photos are then mounted onto a 5” x 7” card that displays a short bilingual (English/Spanish) pollution prevention message and the stormwater hotline number.

An added advantage of having the Storm Drain Pollution Monster at events is that while children are having their picture taken with the monster, Stormwater Program representatives have a moment to discuss stormwater best management practices with the parents.

Posing with the Monster have included schoolchildren, trick-or-treaters, and former commissioner Woody Fleming, former Councilman Nick Pacheco, and former Mayor Richard Riordan.