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Outreach Through Home Improvement Stores

To outreach the "Neat Neighbors" and Fix-it Foul-ups" as they are thinking about or while actually working on their homes, the Stormwater Program partnered with home improvement stores, hardware stores, paint stores, and garden centers throughout the City of Los Angeles.

Pollution prevention materials were placed in the stores on shelves next to products which contained information about the harmful effects of improperly disposed paints, pesticides and fertilizers, and educated residents on the proper disposal methods of these household hazardous wastes.

The (888) CLEAN-LA hotline and web site were also provided as a source for additional information. Pollution prevention materials included "shelftalkers", tearpads, tip cards, and posters. The outreach materials were placed in corresponding areas of the stores i.e., paint section, lawn and fertilizer section, etc.

In addition to the placement of outreach materials in the stores, the City also conducted employee staff training sessions at the store. At these training sessions, store staff were educated on proper disposal methods of HHW and became familiar with the materials placed in their stores. Store staff would then become spokepersons for the Stormwater program while educating customers as they were purchasing the items.

This outreach was made to:

  • 84 different hardware stores,
  • 76 paint stores, and
  • 39 lawn and garden stores

In-house training of store employees totalled 11 sessions reaching 151 store personnel

In-house training of store employees (above) enabled staff to become familiar with the pollution prevention materials while educating customers who were buying the products (below).
Hardware Stores Paint Stores Lawn & Garden
Home Depot Painter’s Warehouse Target Stores
OSH Sinclair Paint Stores Green Thumb Nursery
Gerald’s Paint & Hardware Frazee Paint & Wallcovering Mordigan Nurseries
Koontz Hardware ICI Delux Paint Center Big KMart Garden Center
Ace Hardware Stores Dunn-Edwards Paints Amigo Lawn Mower Shop
LA Hardware Catalina Paint M & G Lawnmower Shop
Larchmont Hardware Prevo Paint Co. Green Arrow Nursery
True Value Stores Sherwin-Williams Co. Frank’s Nursery & Florist
Alvarado Paint & Hardware Shilpark Paint Plant Phax & Plantasies
New York Hardware Trade Par Paint Yamaguchi Bonsai Nursery
Gus Hardware M G Paints Hashimoto Nursery
Hanes Paint & Hardware Master Color Supply Tabuchi Nursery
Pico Building Supply Co. Hometown Paint & Wallpaper Armstrong Garden Center
B & B Hardware Vista Paint Eden Nursery
Harbor Hardware Galindo Paint C & S Nursery
Kay’s Hardware Brothers Paint Store J.C Nursery
Indiana Home Supply Naylor’s Paint & Wallcovering F.K. Nursery
George’s Hardware & Garden Fuller O’Brien Paint Store Baba’s Lawnmower Shop
Lincoln Hardware & Garden Mark’s Paint Store
Sylmar Builders & Hardware Portola Paints and Glazes
South Shores Hardware & Paint Sydney Harbour Paint Co.
Do It Best Hardware Spectra Paint Center
Circle Paint Corp.
Crown Paint Inc.
Painter’s Warehouse
Mann Brothers
Pollution prevention materials were placed on shelves next to the actual products.