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To ensure compliance with the NPDES Permit, the City of Los Angeles’ Stormwater Program has been conducting ongoing training programs to educate the City’s 41,000 employees and instruct them in how their daily actions can effect stormwater pollution and ways to reduce the amount of toxins and pollutants.

There are several approaches in this training, a video and supplemental guide, and secondary level training campaign, Make the Call, which is specifically tailored for field employees.

As required by the NPDES permit, the Watershed Protection Division trained the following City Departments in 2002 on Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and BMPs for Construction Activities:

  1. Bureau of Street lighting, 20 supervisors were trained by WPD staff. "Train the trainer" sessions were held and 50 employees in the field operations Division were trained.
  2. Department of Transportation, 15 yard supervisors were trained and they are in the process of training their field operations employees.
  3. Department of Recreation and Parks, 15 supervisors were trained, another training session is to be scheduled during the month of July.
  4. Bureau of Sanitation, 15 industrial waste inspectors were trained, more training sessions will be held to train supervisors and additional inspectors.
  5. Harbor Department, 50 supervisors were trained.
  6. Bureau of Street Services, 50 supervisors were trained, the Bureau of Street Services is expected to do train the trainer sessions to train field employees.
  7. General Services Department, 50 supervisors were trained. Train the trainer sessions will be conducted by General Services Department at a later date.