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A clean, safe and friendly neighborhood is vital to a business district’s prosperity. The City of Los Angeles is partnering with Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) to reduce litter and illegal dumping.

This cooperative pollution prevention effort helps businesses profit and keeps the business district safe, friendly and clean.

To expand the Stormwater Program’s business outreach program, a partnership with four Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in the downtown Los Angeles area was established and is ongoing. The BIDs included in this partnership include the Downtown Center BID, the Downtown Industrial BID, the Fashion District BID and the Historic Core BID. The partnership was established to (1) establish a relationship with local businesses, (2) provide an information loop for businesses, (3) disseminate educational information to local businesses.

The City of Los Angeles distributed an educational letter to the four above-mentioned BIDs for further distribution to downtown businesses. The letter included educational best management practices for businesses located in the four BIDs. Over 1,000 letters were distributed to downtown business owners.

Future efforts with the Downtown BIDs include the production and distribution of an educational poster including BMPs in four languages (English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean), the creation and distribution of a newsletter insert article and the creation and service of enforcement letters, as necessary.

The City’s Stormwater Program can also provide a speaker to your BID group by calling (800) 974-9794.

For more information regarding BIDs click here.

Posters explaining how merchants and their employees can help reduce urban runoff can be downloaded by clicking on any of the above images.