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LOS ANGELES (December 9, 2002) — The City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works Stormwater Education Program received a Project of the Year Award by the Southern California Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA).

The award was presented on December 5, 2002 at the Chapter’s annual awards program at the Centre at Sycamore Plaza in the Lakewood Civic Center.

The Stormwater Education Program is aimed at combating urban runoff pollution by creating behavioral changes on the part of city residents. The program involves researching the activities of target audiences, developing community educational information through messages and messengers that the target audiences would listen to and accept, and partnering with other public agencies and private businesses to leverage resources and expand the outreach effort. The primary audiences are do-it-yourself homeowners, who were targeted for education on household hazardous waste disposal, lawn care and pesticide use, and families who were receptive to the need to combat storm drain pollution but needed additional education on how to accomplish it.

Partnerships were developed for the program with such public agencies as the City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services and Los Angeles County; and with such retail businesses as home improvement stores, paint stores, garden centers and nurseries and pet stores.

On hand to receive the award were (pictured at left) Joyce Amaro, Public Education Manager, Board of Public Works Commissioner Ronald Low, Michael Mullin, Assistant Division Manager, and Oscar Amaro, Graphics Support.