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The Stormwater Education Program partnered with the Department of Animal Services to distribute the What’s the Scoop? educational pamphlet at the public counters in all 6 Animal Shelters, the main office, and through all pet adoptions.

The partnership with Animal Services has allowed the Stormwater Program to cost-effectively distribute materials to pet owners in a targeted manner, by placement of these materials at the Animal Services public counters. What’s the Scoop? pamphlets and single use pooper scoopers were distributed through these public counters.

This partnership also resulted in donated booth space for the Stormwater Education Program at 5 pet adoption and vaccination events coordinated by the Department of Animal Services. Additionally, the Stormwater Program gained access to City of Los Angeles dog owners by outfitting the Animal Service’s fleet of trucks with pet related stormwater ads.

The City’s Department of Animal Services will also be sending the Stormwater Programs’ dog waste tip card in all license renewal

Advertisement advising dog owners to pick up after their pet.

The Stormwater Program also participated in several other animal-related events to reach out to Los Angeles pet owners. These events included:

  • Pets on Parade sponsored by KRLA/KLSX. Program staff distributed pooper scoopers and What’s the Scoop? (an educational pamphlet) to attendees
  • The 2nd Annual Dog Jog sponsored by the Peninsula Dog Parks
  • An adoption faire sponsored by the Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park

In 2000, an article promoting “What’s the Scoop?” appeared in the winter issue of Animal Guardian, a Publication of the Doris Day Animal Foundation.

Program staff educate LAPD officers on the proper disposal of pet waste.
The Department of Animal Services generously
allowed use of desk counters and wall space to help educate residents on proper pet waste disposal.
Make sure to visit our pet webpage where you can learn more about what we’re doing to outreach to pet owners, send an e-Card with our program message, sign up for our pet e-Updates and order a FREE doggie waste bag, all at