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The Public Agency Activities Stormwater Guide has been prepared to ensure that City Departments and Bureaus are well informed of, and in compliance with the Permit requirements that affect their activities. The guide also provides information necessary to properly report data for inclusion in the City’s annual report to the Regional Board.

The Public Agency Activities program is divided into nine major categories of activities as follows:

SECTION 1 Table of Contents; Organizational Chart; Major Components, Introduction and Contact List
SECTION 2 Sewage Systems Maintenance, Overflow, and Spill Prevention
SECTION 3 Public Construction Activities Management
SECTION 4 Vehicle Maintenance / Material Storage Facilities / Corporation Yards Management
SECTION 5 Landscape and Recreational Facilities Management
SECTION 6 Storm Drain Operation and Management
SECTION 7 Streets and Roads Maintenance
SECTION 8 Parking Facilities Management
SECTION 9 Public Industrial Activities Management
SECTION 10 Emergency Procedures
APPENDICES Permit Excerpts; System Maintenance; Site Planning BMPs; Post-Construction BMP Selection Criteria; Public Construction Activities Guidance; BMP Selection Process; Self-Inspection Form; Site-Specific BMP;
Download entire Public Agencies Guide document (1.4MBs)

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