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Summer: Issue 15: August 2011

  1. Make your Garden Ocean Friendly – A Chat with Surfrider Foundation’s Herzog
  2. Sea Life Trivia Contest
  3. Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation Project Kicks Off
  4. 5 Ways to Get Kids Excited About Stormwater

Spring: Issue 14: May 2011

  1. Karaghani’s Korner: Volunteer With Your Voice for a Cleaner L.A.
  2. It’s Getting Personal
  3. Community Empowerment Starts with You
  4. Working Together To Beautify LA
  5. Top 5 Stormwater Poems by You!
  6. Planting a Positive Seed

Winter: Issue 13: February 2011

  1. Kharaghani’s Korner – I Love LA – LA’s Stormwater Program, That Is!
  2. Find the Stream in your Neighborhood
  3. Get Creative and Score a FREE T-Shirt!
  4. The Lowdown on LA’s Low Impact Development
  5. Thinking Outside the Box Creates a Booth in a Box

Fall: Issue 12: November 2010

  1. The Los Angeles River: An Original Hollywood Star (Kharaghani’s Korner)
  2. Friends of the L.A. River: Interview with Shelly Backlar
  3. Take a Tour Down the River
  4. Name that Animal and Score – Some Original LA River Artwork!
  5. LA River is Navigable! Clean Water Act, Here We Come

Summer: Issue 11: July 2010

  1. Transforming F’s to A’s One Beach at a Time
  2. Win Two FREE Tickets to Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach!
  3. The Coast is Clear(er)
  4. Kids Ocean Day Through the Eyes of a Teacher
  5. The Great L.A. River Cleanup: An Interview with Sofia Mohaghegh
Spring: Issue 10: April 2010
  1. April Showers Bring…A New Frame of Mind
  2. Rainwater Harvesting Program Plans to Flow Citywide
  3. The Road Less Traveled: Pervious Pavement & Other Green Surfaces for Your Home
  4. Do We Make The Grade?
Winter: Issue 9: February 2010
  1. Lend your Voice and Get Free Dog Waste Bags!
  2. Heal the Bay’s Executive Director Looks Back on the Stormwater Program’s 20 Years
  3. 5 Rainwater Resolutions for the New Year
  4. Share Your Resolution, Score Some Swag (Become a fan of our page and post your 2010 rainwater resolution on our wall. Then pick a t-shirt or eco-tote bag from our swag folder, email us your choice and mailing address. Voila. It’s that easy. + Click Here to Post)
  5. Survivor: Los Angeles
    Fall: Issue 8: October 2009
    1. Lend your Voice and Get Free Dog Waste Bags!
    2. El Niño – He’s Back …
    3. Wicked Wildfires with Wet Weather… Watershed Woes
    4. Taking the Boo Out of Bacteria
    5. Los Angeles Prepares for Tricks and Treats this Rainy Season
    Summer: Issue 7: July 2009
    1. Lend Your Voice & Get a Free Tote Bag
    2. Rainwater Gets a Second Chance
    3. Mandatory Water Conservation Hits Los Angeles
    4. Are You Eligible for the FREE Rainwater Harvesting Program?
    5. Stormwater Pollution During a Summer Drought? You betcha…
    Spring: Issue 6: April 2009
    1. Public Weighs In on Heavy Metals and Bacteria Pollution
    2. A Fresh Approach to a Stinky Problem
    3. It Takes a Village: Local Activists Organize to Clean-up LA
    4. Program Praised From Sun Valley to Dockweiler Beach
    5. Team Effort Ads Encourage a Call to Action
    Issue 5 [download pdf 1.8MB]
    1. Manager’s Message
    2. Mother (Nature) Always Knows Best
    3. Plan for the Future
    4. Turning Trash into Treasure
    5. Stormwater Program Manager Recognized
    Issue 4 [download pdf 596KB]
    1. Manager’s Message
    2. Elmer Avenue
    3. Sun Valley Flooding
    4. Downspout Disconnection Program
    5. Dog Waste Stinks
    Issue 3 [download pdf 1.1MB]
    1. Manager’s Message
    2. Ocean Day 2008
    3. Beach Report Card
    4. South Los Angeles Wetlands
    5. Low Flow Diversions
    Issue 2 [download pdf 2.5 MBs]
    1. Manager’s Message
    2. L.A.’s Lost Streams
    3. Elleven & Luma
    4. Echo Park Lake
    5. Prop O Update
    Issue 1 [download pdf 1.2 MBs]
    1. Manager’s Welcome
    2. WPD’s First Responders
    3. "Green" Streets
    4. EPA Kudos
    5. Machado Lake
    6. Prop O Update
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