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How to Prevent Polluted Stormwater Discharge
From Your Commercial Facility

All commercial facilities doing business within the city of Los Angeles are required by law to comply with stormwater discharge regulations. Failure to do so can result in penalties and/or fines. The City of Los Angeles’ Stormwater Education Program has produced the following Best Management Practices, or BMPs that can help you as a business owner, and your employees fulfill the requirements.

The links below can either take you to a page with additional information, or simply click on the PDF link next to the subject to download the information on a 8.5"x11" sheet.

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Auto Repair Industry

Auto Salvage Yards

Chemical Manufacturing

Fabricated Metal Products

Food & Related Products

Glass, Clay, Cement, Concrete & Gypsum Products

Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage or Disposal Facility

Land & Air Transport Facility

Leather Tanning & Finishing


Oil & Gas Extraction Facility

Primary Metals

Printing & Publishing Facility

Rubber & Plastic Product Manufacturing

Scrap Waste Recycling Facility

Steam Electric Power Generating Facility

Timber Products

Water Transportation and Ship Building & Repair Facilities

By using simple shop practices, businesses can go a long way towards helping keep our environment clean.