Pico & Midvale Parking Lot:
A below grade reinforced concrete structure (12’L X 9’W X 7’D). Runoff from the 9200 square feet parking lot drains first at these two grate basins, and continue to flow through an 8" diameter pipe to the filter distribution channel.

The distribution channel is 12" wide and runs the length of the filter structure. At the distribution channel the flow is discharged through 9- 1.5" holes spaced evenly in the channel invert to distribute the influent flow as uniformly as possible along the filter.

The flow then percolates through 18" sand filter layer, and outlet to a nearby storm drain system that, in turn, leads to Santa Monica Bay.

Another project involving dual BMP devices is the Department of Transportation Parking Lot No. 744 in South Central LA. This project utilizes both a catch basin grating insert and an infiltration trench.