A graphic example of illegal dumping into the storm drain system. The heavy saturation of motor oil around the perimeter of this catch basin indicates a high frequency rate of repeated violations.

This catch basin was found at the end of a cul-de-sac where traffic was minimal, providing an ideal environment for illegal dumping.

Inside of a storm drain pipe. These pipes average 16 inches to 3 feet in diameter and are considered inaccessible as this photo was taken via remote controlled camera. This catch basin was emitting foul odors and creating a vermin infestation (as seen along the walls) as well as preventing proper drainage in being blocked by over 2 feet of trash.

It was found that area residents had been dumping garbage and debris into the catch basin on a continuous basis.

A view of an underground storm drain tunnel. The pipes shown in photo 2 (above) feed into these larger underground tunnels and drain from a wide surface area.
Closeup view of photo 3. Fast food containers are one of the most common items found in the system.