Photos of the aftermath to the Flood of 1884. Major railways that had been recently put into place (above) were washed away as well as street transportation (below).

Historical references indicate that between 1815 and 1876, eight major floods struck the Los Angeles area. A flood in the year 1815 cut a channel across what is now the downtown Los Angeles business district, and forced the Los Angeles River to enter the ocean by way of Ballona Creek.
The flood of 1884 caused significant property damage, washed away 50 homes and some loss of life occurred. Other minor floods in 1914 and 1916 were followed by dry cycles. Additional floods in 1921 and 1927 resulted in a combined damage of more than $1 million.
Because of relatively recent "settling" of most Southern California residents, many were unaware of the region’s propensity for severe rainstorm cycles in 10-20-50 and 100 year increments.