The Stormwater Management Division, founded in 1990, is part of the Los Angeles Department of Public Works. The Division is responsible for the development and implementation of stormwater pollution abatement projects within the City.

Under the federal Clean Water Act, each county and municipality throughout the nation is issued a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit. The Stormwater Management Division’s pollution abatement projects are designed to meet the requirements of the NPDES Permit.

The Stormwater Management Program is primarily focused on the control and elimination of stormwater pollution through compliance with the NPDES municipal stormwater permit. The City is currently in it’s second five year cycle.

The Program operates under the six following goals:

  • Satisfy federal, State, regional, and local regulatory requirements
  • Optimize City operations to minimize polluted runoff
  • Optimize beneficial use of beaches and receiving waters by:
    • reducing pollutant loads through watershed management
    • increase beneficial use of sediments
  • Improve waste disposal practices
    • provide public and employee education programs
    • optimize waste disposal infrastructure
  • Improve and expand use of scientific and technical knowledge regarding urban runoff issues
  • Minimize adverse impacts from flooding to the City of Los Angeles

Stormwater Program Structure
The Stormwater Program interacts with a variety Citywide Departments as well as with the Mayor’s Office, City Council, outside regulatory agencies and environmental groups. This is to ensure that the NPDES Permit mandates are met in a timely and efficient manner.

Mission Statement
To protect the beneficial uses of receiving waters while complying with all flood control and pollution abatement regulations.

In carrying out this mission, the Stormwater Management Division implements engineering and education projects to keep the storm drain system free of trash and pollutants and to create cleaner waterways, neighborhoods and beaches.

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