How So?
Water running off your yard, sidewalk or street flows down gutters to curbside openings called catch basins.
A curbside catch basin
From there, this urban runoff flows into the storm drain system, a vast underground network of pipes and tunnels. In the Los Angeles area, this network encompasses a total of over 1,500 miles.
Anything carried by this runoff—pesticides, oil and anti-freeze from leaky cars, pet waste, foam containers and plastic bags—is not only unhealthful to our neighborhoods, but ends up trashing the beaches, polluting the ocean, and harming marine life … and us! On a yearly average, over 40 tons of trash and debris washes up on our beaches.
storm drain tunnel
Even during the driest day in Southern California, we produce tens of millions of gallons of runoff, the result of activities such as car washing, over watering of lawns and yard cleanup.
What Can YOU DO?
Open flood
control channel
Beach Outfall
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